Apogee Systems has an experienced workforce that is intimately familiar with a wide range of organizations and the technology that supports their operations.  We can provide a total outsourcing solution to fit your needs based on your requirements and strategic goals.

We are uniquely suited to leverage over 90 years of leadership, management, and IT systems and operations management experience for your organization.  Apogee Systems Corporation offers a multitude of services ranging from Program and Project Management, IT Services, Consulting Services to Training and Facilitation.

Program and Project Management
Apogee Systems can leverage our significant experience in managing IT projects for the DoD for your organization. We will follow our methods based on fundamentals of the Project Management Institute to help you stay within scope, on schedule, and within budget.

  • Project initiation and stakeholder management
  • Planning activities to generate an overall project management plan
  • Execution of the project management plan
  • Monitor and Control the project scope, schedule and cost
  • Closing activities once the project is complete

IT Services
Apogee Systems can provide expertise in all manner of IT services ranging from program support to network engineering and security. Our professional staff has a proven track record of providing expert technical advice to key Government agencies and military organizations. Our breadth of experience includes expertise in the following areas:

  • System engineering, management, and administration
  • Network engineering, management, and administration
  • Database administration
  • Wide Area Network technologies to include Satellite Communications (SATCOM) and terrestrial media
  • Commercial and military SATCOM expertise
  • Video Teleconferencing (VTC)
  • Radio network design and engineering

Consulting Services
Apogee Systems can help make sure you're getting the right tools and technology to match your business requirements and objectives. We'll meet with you to fully understand your situation, budget, desires, timelines, and expectations. We'll even create and apply our services to prepare estimates to give you an idea of what you're spending for what you're getting before you take that next step.  Apogee Systems offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Organizational change
  • Business process management
  • Quality management
  • Operations planning and management

Facilitation Services
Apogee Systems understands the importance of using an experienced team to provide objective analysis to help you make your group more-effective.  All of our leaders bring a lifetime of experience as facilitators who understand group dynamics and are equally adept at guiding senior leaders or entry-level teams.  

  • Lean Six Sigma Subject Matter Experts
  • Team building and coaching
  • Training and professional development
  • Seminar and training session planning, execution, and management


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